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In 2009, Bridgette Tatum co-wrote the Most Played Song on country radio stations across the United States. A tremendous achievement for any songwriter, the song, “She’s Country” (recorded and released by Platinum-selling country superstar Jason Aldean), held the #1 position on the chart for two consecutive weeks, which is a rare accomplishment, as well.

In 2010, Tatum’s song, “Loud” was selected as the Official Theme Song for ACC Football’s 2010 Season. This fast-paced anthem celebrates the excitement and energy of ACC Football, captured in a raucous music video filmed for television broadcast in ACC markets, totaling over 27 million households.

Add to these accolades the fact that Tatum’s new album will be released on Root 49 Records and you have all of the elements needed to build a superstar career.

It’s hard to deny the pure talent and passion for her craft that is clearly the driving force behind such high profile career milestones.

“Music is what I was put on this earth to do,” she confidently declares. “I learned to feel music before I could hear it.” Rooted in her earliest memories growing up in Florence, South Carolina, this firecracker brunette was raised on soul-shaking gospel music, swirling with the Holy Spirit and saturated with raw passion. Music coursed through her veins, seeping deep into her bones and manifesting itself into a soulful and powerful sound uniquely her own.

This clarity of purpose was born, amazingly, during two separate but equally life changing moments. The first came when she was a teenager. Her mom introduced her to a friend who, unbeknownst to him, would influence Bridgette more than any single encounter in her young life. This man was a cowboy—a true cowboy with boots and all. It was the first time that Bridgette ever rode a horse. And that same day she heard two pieces of music that would have a lasting effect on her and her relationship to music: Garth Brooks “If Tomorrow Never Comes” and Clint Black’s “Killin’ Time”. It made such an impression that she became obsessed with both the sound of those records and the cowboy life.

The second life-defining event was brought about by a violent and senseless attack. During Bridgette’s shift at a local South Carolina motel, a disgruntled customer took a razorblade to her face, forcing her into six months of recuperation and some serious soul searching. It was during this period that she recognized her true calling in music and knew that life was too short not to pursue her dream of being a professional singer and songwriter.

Soon after, Bridgette moved to Nashville and enrolled in the music program at Nashville State Community College. She studied music as dutifully as she studied the business of music, quietly observing the riggings and trappings of Music City. Following her first outing at a Hall of Fame Lounge writer’s night, Bridgette continued to take in the lay of the land, working her way up to the honky-tonks on Broadway and a regular Friday night gig at the Star Café in White’s Creek.

It wasn’t until she found a kindred spirit in manager Carolyn Miller, however, that her career started to take shape. It was through the encouragement of Carolyn that Bridgette collaborated musically with her future producer, Danny Myrick. Danny’s schooling in gospel made him a perfect match for Bridgette’s soulful sound. Their partnership proved as successful in songwriting, as well. They co-wrote “She’s Country,” the #1 smash for Jason Aldean, as well as many of the songs on her self-titled release, including the single, “Hillbilly Rockstar.” “It’s an anthem for all the country people who like to get dressed up, go out to the clubs and have a big time,” Bridgette says. “I like to say it’s country with some couth.”

“If it's real and you are making it honest, that's what people want to hear.” With unfailing honesty and a penchant for risk-taking, Bridgette Tatum is storming the scene on her own terms and winning fans at every turn.


“Bridgette Tatum rocks! When you hear her sing, you know it’s not just another cookie cutter act. She’s the real deal.” National radio personalities ‘Big D & Bubba’

“Bridgette Tatum's passion, intensity and rich vocals on stage show you that she's not just serious about her music, it shows you that ‘She's Country’!” Dave Daniels / KJUG / Program Director

“What a wonderful talent. The thing that impresses me most is the whole album is fantastic! No ‘one-hit-wonder’ with Bridgette Tatum.” Paul Neumann, KIXZ, Spokane, WA

“With one song, Bridgette Tatum, who co-wrote Jason Aldean’s “She’s Country,” has set herself up as an artist truly worth our attention.”

“While the music keeps your foot tapping and your butt moving, Tatum delivers the songs with conviction and pride, adding to the believability factor of the lyrics.” Today’s Country Magazine

“It’s all about the fans! Bridgette knows how to work the crowd. It could be a room with 10 people or 10,000. Everyone seems to walk away saying the same thing…“Wow!”  Listeners and fans make a connection with her no matter if it’s on-air or on stage. It’s Tatum time, ya’ll! --AJ Maguire / WBTU / U.S. 93.3

“Bridgette is one of the most passionate artists I’ve ever met and that is absolutely evident in “Hillbilly Rockstar”. Hang on tight when you listen. You’ve been warned!” Dale Desmond / 105.5 The Hawk / KTHK-FM

"Bridgette is the real deal! You can hear her passion for Country Music in every song that she writes. THE GIRL KNOWS HOW TO ROCKS!" Melissa Frost / APD/MD/ KRRV

“This girl has more heart and more drive than I’ve seen in a long time and She’s Country! Toni Marie / KUZZ /Air personality


CRAZIEST THING YOU HAVE EVER DONE: Made a career out of playing music and loving every minute of it.

NAME THREE ITEMS THAT YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT: My bible, lip gloss and my cowboy boots (I collect them!).

DO YOU GET NERVOUS BEFORE YOU PERFORM? Absolutely. Nerves are the best part of the show. It means that I still care and that the energy will be high.

WHAT DO YOU DO FOR FUN? Fish, ride horses, four-wheeling, bonfires, traveling, spend time with my friends/family, go out to dinner.

WRITING PROCESS – WHAT INSPIRES YOU? DO YOU PREFER TO WRITE SOLO OR COLLABORATE? I try to be a good listener for the ideas and if the song needs more than I can give, I seek out the writer that can contribute the rest.

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO ASPIRING ARTISTS? Experience all you can and go to school or college because once you’re settled into this seat—you must keep your arms and legs in the vehicle at all times and watch your back…objects are closer than they appear.

MOST UNEXPECTED THING ABOUT YOU: I enjoy sleeping an entire day away.


HIDDEN TALENT: I can talk like that a talent??

YOUR HERO: God and everything he does. Musically, Garth.

YOUR BEST QUALITY: Laughing at as much as I can.

YOUR WORST QUALITY: Laughing at as much as I can.

PERSONAL MOTTO: "Those who are not doing it, should not interrupt those of us that are.”

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